Facade Optimization

Holistic Design


MACH Energy believes in clean, simple and efficient solutions so we will review your project to find ways to improve the performance of the façade.

The amount of shading on a façade affects the amount of solar gain within a space, which in turn impacts the required ventilation rates to reduce overheating, which results in more openable windows and more noise break-in from outside.

Addressing these elements simultaneously, we can find the optimum balance between acoustics, thermal comfort, daylighting, artificial lighting, ventilation and energy consumption. 

With MACH Acoustics, we can provide cutting edge acoustic design, enabling natural ventilation in even the noisiest areas, whilst still achieving the acoustic criteria.

planning packages that include:

  • Noise Assessment
  • Overheating assessment
  • London plan
  • Energy Statement
  • Right to light

MACH Helps gain BREEAM Points:

  • Acoustics Testing
  • Overheating Assessment
  • Daylighting Assessment
  • Right to light

Dealing with a noisy site?
MACH can provide fa├žade optimisation report that gives a solution for natural ventilation at noisy site.

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