Thermal Modelling

Thermal Modelling


Thermal modelling is the simulation of a building or room that assesses the thermal, ventilation and lighting conditions throughout the year.

Thermal modelling is not always required for a project, however it provides a more accurate assessment and so limits risk on a design. It is also a great cost saving exercise, reducing any over-design which is a common problem.

Our Services


MACH Energy uses thermal modelling to optimise the façade design to achieve the optimum balance between acoustics, thermal comfort, daylighting, artificial lighting, ventilation and energy consumption. 

The earlier we are involved the better. We can advise on glazing sizes and façade types and can even look at the optimum building orientation.

Value Engineering


We can review a project at tender stage (or at any other time) and look at the proposed building services. It may be that the project has not been modelled previously and there may be scope for reducing the proposed services if they have been over-specified. 

planning packages that include:

  • Noise Assessment
  • Overheating assessment
  • London plan
  • Energy Statement
  • Right to light

MACH Helps gain BREEAM Points:

  • Acoustics Testing
  • Overheating Assessment
  • Daylighting Assessment
  • Right to light

Dealing with a noisy site?
MACH can provide fa├žade optimisation report that gives a solution for natural ventilation at noisy site.

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